by Meli C

A New York state of mind

There’s something about New York City that fascinates everyone. Everyone wants to live there, and those of us who haven’t had the opportunity to do so, daydream about it, secretly plan it, or vicariously live through others who do. For those of us who don’t live there, we will often try to escape there for a weekend, or even rejoice over business trips that take us there for the day, because as one of my best friends so perfectly puts it: everything is in New York.

I discovered my love for the city while living in Boston. New York being so close allowed for many exciting and fun-filled weekend trips. The city was only a few hours away, it was the perfect weekend getaway. Back then it was as easy as going down to Chinatown and buying a $15 round-trip bus ticket to be dropped off on Bowery street. Sometimes just for the day: leave on the first bus out around 7am, spend the day walking around Soho or central park (while spending more money than you intended), and then hop on the last bus back around 8pm, and still make it home around midnight. I have many great memories from these trips, and each of them always left me thirsty for more.

Since I moved to Miami in 2005, my visits to the big apple have been few and far between, but I have still managed to make my way up there at least once a year. It’s always dawned on me why we are all so passionate about this city…what gives New York City its magnetic force? So I asked a few friends, and this seems to be (at least partially) why, in a nutshell:

– To experience one of the biggest eclectic melting pots in the world

– To fall in love

– Because anything you want is already there

– Because it’s the only city in the whole world where everyone is different, and that makes me feel like I belong

– Because you go there and anything could happen, it’s super exciting

And I am sure the list can go on and on. Yet, what I crave about the big apple is exactly all of those things – what it makes you feel to be in such a place where so many different people and ideas live together in harmony. Whether it be the art scene, the music scene, the food scene, there is always something going on. One of my favorite things to do in the city is to try different restaurants. The best restaurants I have ever been to are there, and the list keeps growing every time I go. Anything from Italian to Russian to French to Asian to Greek, it’s there and it’s the best. The same applies to concerts, museums, art galleries…you name it.

It’s a fast-paced city full of surprises that feels new with each visit, always having something new to offer,and where the possibilities seem endless. I am not sure if the opportunity to live in Manhattan will ever present itself, but one thing is for sure: no matter how many times I visit the city, it will always continue to be one of my favorite destinations of all times.


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