by Meli C

A new-found interest in trees

On a recent trip to Argentina this past May, we visited a beautiful ranch about three hours away from Buenos Aires. The countryside in Argentina (a.k.a. La Pampa) is characterized by vast, uninterrupted plains, where trees are rare.

At the ranch though, the landscape was filled with trees of all kinds, meticulously planted through out. The ones planted on the sides of the road were my favorite, marking the passage of cars in absence of proper asphalt roads.

I walked outside among the trees for hours, inspecting the fruit, foliage and wildlife that inhabits them. There were pine trees, willows, orange and lemon trees. Some of them filled with green parakeets that spent entire afternoons chirping.

It’s fall in Argentina this time of year, so the colors were amazing! It was cool to see some trees in full bloom, colorful and bearing fruit, while others were completely bare.

I definitely came home with a new found interest in nature.

{my favorite, the weeping willow}

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