by Meli C

I heart Venezuelan food

I am constantly surrounded by people of different backgrounds and cultures, and one thing I have noticed is that when different cultures come together, food is often a popular topic of conversation.

Listening to others rave about their own countries’ traditional dishes, and even prepare some of them for me, has motivated me to learn how to make more of my own traditional dishes to share with my friends. Because even though I must have been Asian or Italian in a past life, I have come to the conclusion that the food I enjoy the most is the one I have when I go home to Venezuela.

So in my quest to perfect my Venezuelan traditional recipes, I have started to work on my skills and have been practicing my arepas, empanadas, patacones, perico, etc, and I hope to be expanding my list very soon to incorporate more important things like desert :)

None of these aforementioned goodies are very healthy, so this process will be a very long one if I want to keep a decent summer figure. And thankfully, since my new cooking resolution, I have also coincidentally signed up for the gym which should help counter any negative side-effects!

I leave you with the recipe for one of my favorites: tostones (also known as patacones). These consist of choosing the perfect greenish-yellow plantain, cutting into thick chunks, frying them until they are golden, removing them from the oil, squashing them one by one to form a small flat cake and re-frying them until golden brown!

These little guilty pleasures are one of my favorite and they are the best with shredded salty white cheese. But there’s no limit to what you can do with these, you can top them with anything you like.


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