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Los Roques Archipelago National Park

Los Roques Archipelago National Park was officially created in 1972 to protect a marine ecosystem of exceptional beauty and ecological value dominated by coral reefs, mangroves, and sea-grass beds. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful natural areas of Venezuela. The park is located about 128 kilometers north of the port of “La Guaira” in Caracas and covers 221,120 hectares, making it the largest marine park in the Caribbean Sea.

The coral reefs in Los Roques are home to some of the most amazing underwater fauna and flora of the Caribbean. The park has exceptionally beautiful beaches of white sand and multicolor, crystalline warm waters which make it a snorkeling, diving, sailing and fishing paradise.

Access to the park is restricted to light aircraft or private boats. Currently, Aerotuy is one of the few commercial airlines operating in Los Roques, with daily flights from Caracas.

I visited Los Roques for the first time with my family when we lived in Venezuela and I was about seven years old. For years I had been wanting to return, and twenty years later I finally did.

All in all, the planning took about two months. It took a long time to do the research for the trip online (how do we get there? where will we sleep? etc..) and then contacting one-by-one the different posadas (local bed & breakfasts, which are the only accommodation available, apart from sleeping on a boat) to find out about their packages and pricing. Most of the communication happened via email, and it would sometimes take more than a few days of back and forths to obtain a clear, detailed reply.

The few airlines that exist don’t have proper websites, and so it’s not possible to see schedules or pricing information online, making it almost necessary to go through a travel agent. In our case, the owner of the wonderful posada where we stayed ( was fantastic enough to finalize the flight arrangements for us, which we are eternally grateful for.

Posada La Gotera was a perfect choice. We felt right at home and were spoiled with attention from beginning to end. The food was great: gourmet Italian home-cooked four-course meals, and later at the ArtCafe bar, perfect strawberry and passion fruit mojitos among other tropical concoctions. The daily excursions were amazing: you leave on a boat from right outside the posada and visit the adjacent keys (some up to 50 mins away). We visited Madrisqui, Crasqui, Carenero, Cayo de Agua and Dos Mosquises during our stay, and still there were many more that we will just need to return to enjoy.

After what seemed like an eternity of research and planning, I can finally look back and say that this unique destination has met and exceeded all of my expectations once again. This place is gorgeous and enjoyable even when it rains.

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