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The art of blogging

I had some apprehensions when I first considered starting a blog. What will I write about? Do I have to have a theme? Will others find it interesting? I think everyone is a bit afraid of putting their thoughts out there and the idea that other people will find them stupid.

I knew my theme would revolve around things I find interesting and I know that travel and photography are two things that I feel very passionately about. Hence the natural direction this blog has taken. Looking back, all my entries have to do with trips I have taken, or experiences or highlights during those trips, oh and pretty pictures.

As I become more involved and interested in continuing to make my blog entertaining, as well as a creative outlet (in a way) for myself, I find myself reading other people’s blogs more frequently; and there is also a pattern there as to what I am drawn to. Interestingly, not travel blogs. On the contrary, I like to read about their daily lives, and I am especially drawn to pretty, colorful pictures and DIY (do it yourself) projects.

So what makes for a good blog? I am sure there are many generic class-room answers for this question. In my opinion: a genuine, candid story, great pictures and a sense of humor – no matter what the topic.

February 18, 2010   2 Comments

Every new year’s resolution

I’ve always found it very hard to uphold traditional new year’s resolutions. For instance: “This year I will stick to an exercise program” or “this year I will come up with a brilliant business idea” or “this year I am going to eat better / sleep more / save money ” …you get the picture.

Not to say that I don’t work hard towards these every year, but in retrospect, there is only one resolution that I have been able to accomplish repeatedly, and that is: “I will travel to at least one new place this year”.

It was back in 2003, right after graduating from college, that I first made this single resolution that I’ve been fortunate enough to stay faithful to.  Looking back at these past seven years, I’m lucky to say I have more than fulfilled my yearly goals.

Year-to-date report:

2003:  Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
2004:  Santa Barbara, CA / Long Island, NY / Stratton, VT / Buenos Aires, Argentina
2005:  Washington, DC / Savannah, GA (Roadtrip from Boston to Miami)
2006:  Chicago, IL / Isla Margarita, Venezuela, / San Juan, PR
2007:  La Patagonia Argentina / The Bahamas / Las Vegas, NV
2008:  Geneva, Switzerland / St. Maarten / St. Thomas / Cartagena, Colombia
2009:  San Francisco, CA / Bariloche y Mar del Plata, Argentina  / Vietnam / Cambodia (my first time in Asia!)
2010:  …coming soon

February 12, 2010   4 Comments

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