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Monday blues

I spent the weekend reminiscing over my trip to Los Roques last July, and looking forward to a warm and sunny summer… To make up for this rainy day, and for the fact that summer is still a few months away, I took a little inspiration from my friend Nina’s awesome blog and recreated a few seconds of one of my beach days in Los Roques:
gif maker

The smile says it all…wishing everyone a great week!

March 22, 2010   6 Comments

Virtually inspired

I deeply admire creative souls who can take simple everyday things like tissue paper and transform them into beautiful objects.

I follow several Do-It-Yourself blogs, and I must say that I am living vicariously through those who have the talent to create little miracles with their hands.  To all of them: thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and inspiring creations.

Although I have never been much of a do-it-yourselfer, I have recently found lots of inspiration in some great ideas I’ve come across.  For instance, Amy Moss, a graphic designer from Australia, shares extraordinary findings and many of her own designs and ideas through her awesome blog.   The origami heart was love at first sight, her label and stationary ideas are adorable, her post on “Crazy for Vintage Printers Blocks” made me crazy for vintage blocks. You get the picture. Amy is just one of many talents showcasing their personal inspiration on the world wide web.  In short, I am very grateful for people like Amy, who unknowingly through their blogs help me be a little more in tune with my crafty and creative side.

Note: I found these super cool pom poms on another blog, and I think they will be my next project.

March 18, 2010   6 Comments

A Vietnamese wedding

I traveled to Asia for the first time last year in November, and I absolutely LOVED it.

The trip came about because of a wedding invitation, and our friends who were tying the knot put together a week-long package for their guests, including guided city tours in several cities in Vietnam and nearby Cambodia. Because our friends are not Vietnamese, the idea at first seemed crazy, yet the trip ended up being a great success!

The wedding was held at the Pilgrimage Village in Hue, Vietnam, and we had no idea what to expect in terms of the ceremony.  We knew it was to be a traditional Vietnamese style wedding, with our friends dressed in Vietnamese costume and that the ceremony would be in Vietnamese!

To begin the ceremony, the bride’s family and friends enter first and arrive at the ceremony location to wait for the groom’s party.  The groom’s family and friends arrive in a procession-like manner, together with a band, playing traditional Vietnamese musical instruments.

Once near, the groom’s best friend must ask for permission from the bride’s mother before the group can enter.  Once permission is granted, the groom’s party enters and each group sits at either side of the altar.

The ceremony lasts about an hour.  Many gifts were offered to the new husband and wife from the local people, mainly in the form of fruits and other foods, which is their way of wishing the new couple a happy and prosperous life together.

The ceremony was followed by a cocktail featuring watermelon juice and hors d’oeuvres, consisting of small breads with spreads and vegetables.  An hour later we gathered for dinner, to enjoy a special ten course meal of Vietnamese specialties prepared specifically for the bride and groom. It was interesting to try so many different flavors and also to experience the typical song and dance performed by a small group of entertainers.

March 4, 2010   2 Comments

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