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Business or Pleasure?

I spend a lot of time and effort planning trips for myself because travelling is something that really makes me happy! I do, however, always relate travelling to vacations and not to work. Perhaps because the few business trips I’ve gone on have been very short and haven’t involved a lot of downtime.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to really travel for work for the first time. I say “really” because this trip covered a lot of firsts for me.  This was my first long business trip (it lasted a whole week), it was my first international business trip, and it was also the first trip I’ve taken that managed to blur that fine line between work and pleasure.

Although I was not on vacation, I was still able to experience new and exciting things. I experienced a different work culture, I briefly explored a beautiful city that I had never been to before (thereby  meeting my new year’s resolution early this year!), I met amazing people, and tried new foods, such as homemade pizza (by Chelo) and traditional Humita from Cordoba, Argentina. Oh, and I loved the super cool old-school gasified water experience at Alfonsina!

I’ve always felt that there’s no better feeling than putting a face to a name and developing personal connections with people that you interact with often or on a daily basis. Specially in this global business world that we live in today.  And fortunately, this is exactly what I got a chance to do. Thanks to all of you for making me feel at home and I hope to see you again soon!

April 20, 2010   4 Comments

Pre-travel excitement

For someone who loves to travel as much as I do, you’d think that packing would be a breeze…the pre-travel excitement.  Well, for me, it’s quite the contrary.  I mean, how can I possibly know what mood I’ll be in five days from now? So how could I possibly know what I’ll want to wear?  And as much as I like to rely on, let’s just say it’s not always accurate (I say this from experience).

Deciding what to take is only the beginning.  Organizing everything into the suitcase is another story.  Do I fold everything and stack it, or roll everything, or lay everything flat and layer it to the top? Where do the shoes go? What about the toiletries? Personally, filling up a suitcase is like playing tetris: maximize the space and pack efficiently.  If you are a guy and you are reading this, you are probably thinking I am insane. I know (or at least hope) that most of the girls will relate.

In any case, I always start packing early (at least mentally) so that I have enough time to think about what I should take and avoid forgetting things. The ultimate excitement begins when I zip up the suitcase and it’s ready to go.

April 3, 2010   1 Comment

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