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Catching up with myself

Ever since I returned from my South African vacation, I feel like I’ve been struggling to get my life back into a regular routine. When I say “regular routine” I have quite a few things in mind. Most importantly a regular sleep schedule, healthy home cooking and making time for any sort of exercise – all things that have been totally neglected since I left on vacation on June 9 – practically 2 months!

I have a Netflix movie at home that I have been dying to get to, and I’m 25 pages into Eat Pray Love, which I must finish before the movie opens on Aug 13th!

Last week, a two-day business trip overlapped with the time that two of my best friends were in town visiting. So, after two non-stop days in NYC, I came home to spend the next three days as awake as possible, in order to enjoy every single second of their time in Miami.

I’m also taking an online summer class for my master’s program, and the final projects are due this week…

To wrap up the madness this Friday is moving day, and it’s been chaos getting ready for that in more ways than I probably want to discuss in this post. Thankfully after much coordination, the elevator is reserved, the movers have been scheduled, and the boxes have been packed – well, sort of…

Anyway, the reason I am sharing all this is because I actually feel like I am reaching the final stretch to normality. A week from today I will have settled into a new place and summer classes will be over!

I hope this post makes up for my extended absence from the blogosphere – until next time!

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