by Meli C

Moving madness

The moving process began on July 30 when my boyfriend and I moved into our first apartment together. We were so happy to finally rent a place together after so many years of weekend backpacks, sleepovers and commuting. Needless to say, this is a big and exciting step for us!

But now, to continue with the point to my story, it has been exactly one month since we moved in together and I unfortunately cannot say that the process has officially ended! As it turns out, the apartment we rented has been sold and of course there is a clause in our contract explaining that we would have to move out in the (unlikely?) event that a sale should happen.  So, just as we had gone through every box and bag in our apartment (becoming professional de-clutterers in the process) it is time to move again.

All I can confidently say is that the donation place around the corner is really happy with us: it turns out that the more times you move, the fewer the objects you want to keep around the house…that worn-in, cozy old chair doesn’t seem so cozy anymore when you have to keep lugging it around!

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1 Gaby Fleitas { 08.30.10 at 11:04 pm }


2 FM { 08.31.10 at 3:31 am }

2 down, 1 to go

3 Carlina { 08.31.10 at 5:03 am }

Niiiiiiice girl!!! That moving was looooong overdue!!! jjejejejejeje j/k. Besitos. Love checking out your blog and all the photos! xoxo

4 yanina { 08.31.10 at 3:09 pm }

MELI!!!! YO VOY A LO MISMO EL 15 de este mes y me da escalofrios!!! JAJAJAJ las mudanzas me ponen literalmente LOCA!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY!! & ENJOY UR NEW LIFE!! XOXO

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