by Meli C


I haven’t been able to stop craving that Burrata and figs salad that I made last month. It was so good that I could literally have it everyday. So, determined to make it one more time, I hopped on over to the supermarket a few days ago to buy a second batch of ingredients.

I went straight over to the fruit section, and over to where I picked up the brown figs last time. You should have seen my face when the brown figs were nowhere to be seen! But I wasn’t about to give up so easily, so I searched for other fig varieties and that is how I met the Kadota Fig!

This fig is green on the outside, which made me hesitate for a second, unsure of what it would taste like…but I am so glad I brought these home with me! They are just as sweet and work great on the salad.

May also add that I found actual Burrata cheese this time! YAY!

I had some figs left over, so I decided to experiment, and it worked! Take a look at my peppered goat cheese-filled figs, drizzled in olive oil, sea salt, pepper and a pinch of lemon.


1 Sai { 09.17.10 at 2:11 pm }

YUM!!!! Wanna come over and cook for me one of these days???

2 laura { 09.17.10 at 6:32 pm }

Dios quer riiiiico!

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