by Meli C


As part of a Venezuelan Andes series, let me introduce you to the small town of Bailadores. A town that holds a very dear place in my heart.

I grew up visiting Bailadores every year with my family.  It is tiny, with a main street, a main square (a.k.a. plaza),  and a church. It is also home to La Cascada national park, a small park featuring a waterfall and picnic recreation areas.

We made it to Bailadores in the afternoon, and the fog had already come down, so we didn’t make it to the waterfall. We did, however, visit my favorite strawberry farm on Earth.

Mr. Gustavo Zurita owns De La Capellania, and has been selling delicious strawberries and desserts there for what I recently learned has been close to 40 years.

He also grows some amazing plants, hydroponically.

For years, De La Capellania was our first stop in town. I hadn’t been back in at least 8 years, and was surprised to find Mr. Gustavo still serves the strawberries himself.

The strawberry cake tasted exactly the same and even more delicious than I remembered.


1 laura { 12.06.10 at 3:26 pm }

Ay mi meli me tienes que llevar!! Yo fui pequeñita con mis abuelos y no me acuerdo… quiero, quiero, fresassssssssssss.

2 amf { 12.08.10 at 2:35 pm }

great pictures babes!

3 Eleonor { 02.15.11 at 2:00 pm }

Que belleza de lugar. I currently live in NYC but I grew up in the heart of De La Capellania. My dad (Gustavo Zurita) along with my mom (Lula Zurita) made that place into a paradise full of magic. So many years of hard work and dedication. I’m so proud of them. The best parents in the world. Thank you Meli for sharing these beautiful pictures with the world.
M. Eleonor Zurita

4 deila { 02.16.11 at 12:44 pm }

hola mely cuando regrese ire para alla. cuidate

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