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Little things

{via CreatureComforts}

I’ve been in NYC since Wednesday for work.  Fran is coming up here tonight and we’ll be spending the weekend together with friends.

So excited about going to see Iron and Wine at Radio City Hall tomorrow night!  Wishing everyone a great weekend…

January 28, 2011   No Comments

Long live the Beatles

What a great poster that I stumbled upon here.  Yoko’s cameo is particularly amusing.

Coincidentally, I’ve been listening a lot to this song below by Metric. It asks “who’d you rather be: the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?” That’s a tough one, no?

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Pending Items

{Gifted macaron recipe book, straight from France}

There are a few things I’ve been wanting to get around to since last year, and I want to make sure I keep myself in check. In no particular order:

*Make macarons (even more so now, with the help of my new book pictured above)

*Spray paint something

*Get a bike (make that 2 bikes, so Fran & I can go biking together)

*Make this pasta salad

*Make this for brunch

*Learn how to fold a crane origami

January 24, 2011   2 Comments

Origami love

{Origami Crane Chandelier Project via TheWeddingCo}

I am always so impressed by origami. They look specially cool in different colors and patterns. I’ve tried to make them before but still can’t make a decent one to save my life.

This idea of a chandelier out of origami cranes is genius. There’s something so cool/dramatic about (even paper) chandeliers. See the full story on how this was made here.  I would totally hang a miniature version of this at home.

PS. This is a good tutorial on how to make origami cranes.

January 21, 2011   2 Comments

Azamara Journey

One of the perks of having a boyfriend who works for a cruise line, is the opportunity to go on very cool ships.

Recently, I was invited to tour the Azamara Journey. Here are some photos from around the ship. It’s gorgeous.

Azamara ships are smaller (and more exclusive) than average.  Being smaller means they can go into bays and other special places where a regular/bigger cruise ship wouldn’t fit. It makes for amazing destinations. Check them out here.

January 20, 2011   2 Comments

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