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Lucky Aloe

We keep a few Aloe Vera plants at home that used to belong to my parents. After the latest move, I felt the plants really suffered and I was afraid they weren’t going to make it (they were turning slightly orange and brown)!

In a desperate attempt to save them, we bought new planting soil and replanted them, hoping the new soil would revive them.  As the weather got cooler in Miami over December and January, the plants started looking a little happier.

Last week after arriving from NY, I noticed one of them had flowered! It made me so happy, I just had to share!  It’s also a plus that flowering Aloe Vera is believed to be a sign of good luck and overall positive energy.

February 7, 2011   2 Comments

Cake batter pancakes

The weather last weekend left me craving for comfort food, and this recipe looks like the perfect solution for that.

I love pancakes in almost all varieties, and I especially like how colorful and festive these look. They’re almost too cute to eat!

*Images & recipe via HowSweetEats

February 4, 2011   1 Comment

White apple

Saying that the weekend in NYC was cold is an understatement. We were greeted by a snow storm on the first night.

Despite the freezing cold, the city looked so dreamy in white, with every inch covered in fluffy, powdery snow.

February 2, 2011   4 Comments

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