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Little treats

The Starbucks logo & image change brought along a few other things, like new adorable mini-treat choices.

Despite the company’s message above, I’m still not convinced of the natural and simple claims. Specially after seeing the nutrition facts of the new “Starbucks Petites.”  Even though these look small, they clearly must be consumed in moderation.

I must admit though, they’re very yummy.   I am not a fan of icing, so I skip that and concentrate on the cake inside.

{Birthday Cake Pop}

I also tasted the petite whoopie pie. Yummy cream cheese filling sandwiched between two red velvet cupcake halves. Enough said, right?

{ Red Velvet Whoopie Pie}

March 30, 2011   1 Comment

Bike owners

{Our brand new Jamis Citizen 1 bikes}

Fran and I spent most of last year and all of this year talking about buying ourselves bikes. At one point, I felt that I was receiving signs from the universe – I was seeing them everywhere (like here and here).

Last weekend, he tricked me into running an errand with him. I was so happily surprised to find that the errand consisted of picking up our very own new bikes!

Turns out he had secretly picked them out with his mom, who gifted them to us for no particular reason! I am so grateful and loving my new toy. It even has a basket, just like I wanted! :)

I took it out for the first time last night after work and loved it. It was a great feeling to ride outside, and feel the wind on my face as I pedaled my way through empty back streets and over to a nearby park. I felt like a kid again – just missing the old-school bell and streamers.

March 25, 2011   3 Comments

Marriage in the Sky

I stumbled upon Events in the Sky while reading one of my favorite blogs (A Cup of Jo), and thought this was pretty amusing.

The company specializes in organizing events such as dinners, conferences, and marriages, with a twist: they all take place in the sky!

The Marriage in the Sky is hosted on a platform, where 20 guests are strapped in an aircraft seat and then suspended at a height of 50 meters by a team of professionals. The couple may opt for additional cranes with platforms at the same height as the marriage platform, for entertainment such as music or dinner.

I’m not really sure I could concentrate on eating, socializing, or getting married, while at 50 meters off the ground and wearing a seat belt or harness. What about you?

Though I must admit it does look fun and memorable. Take a look at this couple who got married in the sky and then bungee jumped!

*All photos via Events in the Sky


March 23, 2011   No Comments


{Beautiful & happy white Chrysanthemums}

Even though Miami is not necessarily known for any drastic change in seasons, I’ve definitely felt a change in the past few days.  The air has gotten just a tad warmer, ideal for the beach. A reminder that summer is right around the corner.

There’s just something about Spring that makes me want to fill up our apartment with tons of pretty flowers. Wishing everyone a great week and a happy Spring season!

{Gorgeous white flowers – does anyone know the name?}

March 21, 2011   1 Comment

Comfort food

{A Martha Stewart lasagna via A Cup of Jo}

I’ve been struggling with a cold for the past week or so, and I’m happy it’s almost the weekend.

I usually lose my appetite with a cold, but now that I am feeling a better, I’ve been craving tons of comfort food.  I am taking that as a good sign and will buy all ingredients to make Martha’s lasagna during my next visit to the supermarket.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

March 18, 2011   2 Comments

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