by Meli C

Bike owners

{Our brand new Jamis Citizen 1 bikes}

Fran and I spent most of last year and all of this year talking about buying ourselves bikes. At one point, I felt that I was receiving signs from the universe – I was seeing them everywhere (like here and here).

Last weekend, he tricked me into running an errand with him. I was so happily surprised to find that the errand consisted of picking up our very own new bikes!

Turns out he had secretly picked them out with his mom, who gifted them to us for no particular reason! I am so grateful and loving my new toy. It even has a basket, just like I wanted! :)

I took it out for the first time last night after work and loved it. It was a great feeling to ride outside, and feel the wind on my face as I pedaled my way through empty back streets and over to a nearby park. I felt like a kid again – just missing the old-school bell and streamers.


1 Laura { 03.25.11 at 10:01 am }

Finally! your first ride! Luv the bikes, enjoy!

2 Khania { 04.21.11 at 10:07 am }

The bikes look great!!! I’m looking into getting one myself because riding a road bike is not the same. Besides, the poodle would love to ride with me. 😉

3 Memorial Weekend — byMeliC { 06.01.11 at 5:33 pm }

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