by Meli C

Little treats

The Starbucks logo & image change brought along a few other things, like new adorable mini-treat choices.

Despite the company’s message above, I’m still not convinced of the natural and simple claims. Specially after seeing the nutrition facts of the new “Starbucks Petites.”  Even though these look small, they clearly must be consumed in moderation.

I must admit though, they’re very yummy.   I am not a fan of icing, so I skip that and concentrate on the cake inside.

{Birthday Cake Pop}

I also tasted the petite whoopie pie. Yummy cream cheese filling sandwiched between two red velvet cupcake halves. Enough said, right?

{ Red Velvet Whoopie Pie}

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1 Laura { 03.30.11 at 10:10 am }

Delicioso me gusta el mensaje del napkin me lo puedes enviar?
Thank youuu!

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