by Meli C


{Red Velvet cupcake from Sweetcakes}

A while back I purchased a Couptessa deal to Sweetcakes in Miami.  I had completely forgotten all about it until I received an email reminder that my deal was about to expire.

I happily redeemed my half dozen cupcakes and I was allowed to choose any six flavors I wanted (not limited to just vanilla, chocolate and red velvet, per the deal instructions).  I chose  red velvet, vanilla caramel, strawberry, snickers, mojito and double chocolate.

Although I didn’t get to taste all of them, my favorite one hands down has to be the red velvet.

As for the rest of the flavors, I found it interesting that most of the “flavor” (i.e. mojito)  is actually in the frosting and not on the actual cake.  So, if you are like me (I scrape most of the frosting off) then the flavors will be very faint, but the chocolate and vanilla cakes are delicious. Two thumbs up.

{Snickers: this one had actual snickers crumbles in the bottom!!}

{Mojito: yummy vanilla cupcake with mojito-flavored frosting}

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