by Meli C

Cucumber Mint Lemonade

Lately, I seem to gravitate towards beverages prepared with cucumber and mint. A few have been especially noteworthy.

The Cucumber Southside at  Meat Market on Lincoln Rd. is a cocktail prepared with gin, lemon juice, sparkling water, cucumbers and mint. It has just the right amount of everything and is so refreshing. The Arnold Palmer at Lure Fishbar in Soho, was surprisingly delicious. Half unsweetened iced tea, half lemonade, prepared with lots of mint and just the right amount of sweetness.  It tasted just like a Mojito (but PG-13).

Inspired by these two drinks, I played around with the ingredients at home and created a yummy Cucumber Mint Lemonade.

What you need to make a 2-lt. pitcher
1 cup lemon or lime juice (fresh squeezed or this kind)
Mint leaves, a few bunches torn by hand
1 medium to large cucumber, thin-sliced
3/4 cup sugar or Splenda, OR 1/2 cup agave syrup
6 1/2 cups of cold water (can also be 1/2 iced water, 1/2 sparkling water)

What to do
Pour the sugar or Splenda (in the amount equivalent to regular sugar, as indicated on the package) into the pitcher.  You can always sweeten more later, so start with less when in doubt.  Add half of the cucumber slices and half of the mint, and muddle a bit.
Add the lemon/lime juice and mix the ingredients. Add the cold water and mix well. Finally, stir in the remaining cucumber and mint.  You can save a few cucumber slices for the garnish if you like. Finally, taste the lemonade and if necessary sweeten a bit more to your liking.

{Stir all ingredients well before serving}

{Serve over ice cubes & garnish with a slice of cucumber}


1 Laura { 05.11.11 at 1:16 pm }

Pero tu estás muy crafty 😉 Looks delicious, me encantan esas combinaciones refrescantes.

2 Jorge { 05.17.11 at 2:32 pm }

There’s a restaurant in Lincoln Road called Maya that serves a lemonade with mint leaves which is great, if lately you’ve been inclined to that, maybe you should check it out!

3 100 Things – Week 3 — byMeliC { 07.01.11 at 9:47 am }

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