by Meli C

The National Zoo

{Great Cats Exhibit}

I think it’s really great for cities to offer free public entertainment for the whole family. Especially when it’s educational, like in the case of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in D.C.  The zoo is free and open every day of the year, except on December 25. It was packed when we visited.

Apart from the regular live exhibitions, the zoo strives to educate zoo-goers about the different species and the environment we all live in.  Some of the animals showcased are indeed unique and rare.

{Golden Lion Tamarin @ mammal exhibit}

{Red Ruffed Lemur @ mammal exhibit}

{Sleeping Meerkats @ mammal exhibit}

I must admit I do have a love-hate relationship with zoos, and seeing large animals in such enclosed spaces does break my heart. Unlike lions, tigers are quite solitary and prefer to hang out alone.

{Sumatran Tiger @ Great Cats exhibit}

The Panda exhibit is gorgeous, surrounded by hundreds of colorful peonies.

Unfortunately, we arrived during feeding time, so we only got a glimpse of the back of its head.

{Giant Asian Panda}


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