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Blogger Spotlight: My Suitcase Heart

I spend a lot of time on blogs. There are so many people out there with interesting ideas and things to say. I am fascinated by all the stories and inspiration I find around the web. If you’ve been following my blog, you’re probably familiar with my blog-affairs, listed on the right hand sidebar. Those are my daily go-to blogs.  I also have a more complete list of blogs that I keep up with through Bloglovin. So, I’ve decided to write a “Blogger Spotlight” post every once in a while, so that I can spread the word about those blogs that I find to be worth following.

Today, the spotlight is on My Suitcase Heart by Janis RoseAnne.

{Save the dates}

I found this sweet blog a while back, and I’m not sure exactly how anymore. I do remember that it was right around the time of their adorable engagement story (and video).  I keep going back to get updates ever since I found it. Her photos are beautiful and the way she writes is so inviting. I especially enjoy all of the wedding updates she shares now and then (since I’m wedding planning myself). Their very original save the dates and their wedding invites are definitely worth taking a look at.


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{Caught busy at work by G.A.}

I work online, and so I have a tendency to bookmark tons of pages/blogs/recipes/articles all over the internet so that I can come back and spend more time on them later. I bookmark recipes, blog posts, new-to-me websites, and in short, anything that sparks my attention. Below are some of the ones I’ve gathered over the past few months, which I thought you too might find interesting.

*I recently discovered two online shops that have become instant favorites: WinkNYC and NastyGal. I purchased a few things from both shops lately and I must say that I’m one satisfied customer.

*Recipes are always popular bookmarks for me. These Savory Biscuits are on my to do list right now, as are these lemon bars. And as soon as I acquire a stand mixer, I will make this one again and again and again…mostly because the photos on that recipe look ridiculous!

*I accidentally landed on one night and I’m so glad! Being the little planner that I am and seeing how I absolutely love to travel, this site is a real gem to me.  I particularly like how they display their recommended 48-hr itineraries by city, here.  Check out this other cool travel site for last minute deals and packages.

*Last but not least, I ran into the most amazing project idea on a very cool blog that I’ve been following lately. It consists of making a list of 100 simple things that make you happy…ten a week for ten weeks. I am starting my ten week series very soon.

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Memorial Day Weekend

{Golf practice with my first set of clubs}

The weekend was as relaxing as forecasted.  Activities included sleeping in (3 days in a row!!), productive wedding planning, dinner & a movie, a little shopping, and a few outdoor activities.  We even managed to squeeze in a candlelit take-out dinner on the balcony.

{Sushi is our go-to delivery option}

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