by Meli C

100 Things – Week 5

This week’s list is a combination of things that are still making me happy from last week’s vacation, as well as a few other happy moments from this week. You can check out the rest of this series here.

#41 – This photo of my beautiful mom taken last week on her 53rd birthday!

#42 – Day time naps (like this one, last week in Malaga)

#43 – Kids playing on the beach (as seen last week in Tarifa, Spain)

#44 –  The first dance at a friend’s wedding last week in Madrid

#45 – Color-blocking (this photo was taken last Friday in Madrid)

{Zara blouse & pants, BCBG espradilles, Hakei handbag}

#46 – Jamonerias (Spanish ham shops)

#47 – The moment I tried this (THE best) tortilla de patatas last Saturday at Juana la Loca, thanks to a dear friend’s spot-on recommendation!

#48 – Orange trees that grow freely on the streets of Sevilla, Spain

#49 – The lighthouse at Jose Ignacio that inspired the design for our wedding invitations (coming soon!)

#50 – My Masters diploma, which arrived in the mail this week =)


1 Sai { 07.15.11 at 2:49 pm }

A. Could you possibly be any cuter in picture #45? Oh and I want your outfit.
B. Congrats on the diploma!!!
C. <3

2 Sai { 07.15.11 at 2:49 pm }

Oh and D: I LOVE the pic of your mom :)

3 Becky { 07.17.11 at 10:16 pm }

Mely, Congratulation on your degree. I wish you the best!!! Hugs & Kisses.

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