by Meli C

100 Things – Week 9

Check out the rest of this series here.  I can’t believe I only have one more week to go!

#81 – Fun & colorful ikat bowls from Anthropologie that are helping me keep organized.

#82 – Stationery. These note cards have such a happy color/pattern combination.

#83 – Using my Kitchenaid for the very first time!

#84 – These chocolate cupcakes, which were the yummy result of the experiment above.

{warm oozy centers are my favorite}

#85 – Pink afternoons as seen from our balcony.

#86 – Thrift store finds like this framed silk for $3.99.

#87 – Girls-night dinners.

{Pati was our host this week}

# 88 – The fact that summer is Cherry season.

#89 – Super tall but comfortable shoes, like these from Steve Madden.

#90 – Discovering a health foods store in my neighborhood that sells amaaaaazing things (including delicious vegetarian/vegan homemade lunches). Imagine a mini-sized Whole Foods.

{Check out The Honey Tree on Yelp}


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