by Meli C

Into the Desert

We spent a weekend in Arizona recently, since Fran had to be there for work. This was our first time in the Sonoran desert, and I am pleased to report that, despite the scorching heat, it was lovely.

We were skeptical about visiting the Desert Botanical Garden, but quickly gave in after all the locals persistently recommended it. After all, it was our first time in the desert. It was a great experience!

{incredibly old & tall cacti}

{nopal/prickly pear (edible) cactus}

{flowering hedgehog cactus}

{barrel cacti}

{not sure what this tall cactus is called}

{an incredible oasis}

{very old & extremely tall saguaro cactus}

{desert wildflower: chocolate daisy}

{Arizona desert views}

{spiky succulent}

{petting cacti at the souvenir shop}

The botanical garden was well worth the trip and so educational! We learned so much about desert wildlife in just a few hours! I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area.

If you are planning to visit the desert anytime soon, my advice to you: please don’t forget your sunblock, sunglasses & hat. I’m sure I wouldn’t need to remind you to drink gallons of water!


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