by Meli C

The Auction Project

This project  is my friend Lina’s baby, and it’s a great new concept for learning about and buying single pieces of art created by emerging artists.

In her own words, “it is a published catalogue dedicated to representing single artworks made by young and emerging artists. The catalogue is produced in a traditional auction catalogue format, documenting the artwork and artists with short essays and providing market values. However, with the intention of creating a new platform for appreciating and purchasing artwork, The Auction Project catalogue itself is the vehicle for appreciating and purchasing the artwork.  That’s right, there is no auction. The “The Auction Project” name relates only to the format of the publication and not to how the artworks are sold. The catalogue’s essays as well as its images allow art enthusiasts and prospective buyers to learn about the artist and context of the artwork in a familiar, but different setting.”

So there you have it. You can tune into all the updates by visiting The Auction Project’s blog.


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