by Meli C

Dinner Chez Emily

I began reading Emily’s blog when it was sent to me by a friend in common – thank you, Chiara!

Emily’s writing is fantastic and her reviews of local Miami restaurants are always on point.

After being virtual pen pals for a little while, I was invited over for dinner at her house and I immediately knew I was in for a special treat.

A delicious Homemade Focaccia was laid out, waiting for us upon arrival.

Emily prepared a 3-course dinner while we engaged in interesting conversations and sipped on my favorite red wine.

After having devoured the entire tray of focaccia between six of us, we proceeded to sit at the dinner table to enjoy a carrot soup that was the perfect combination of sweet, savory and spice.

A perfectly al dente fettuccine was the main course, served with a mushroom and asparagus no-cream sauce and freshly grated parmesan cheese. As if this wasn’t enough, Emily prepared an arugula side-salad that paired really well with the dish.

Though not documented, a dark chocolate fondue with bananas and strawberries followed for dessert. Although at that point I was only physically able to try a small piece, it was the perfect sweet ending to an incredible, restaurant-worthy meal.

P.S. Click here for Emily’s cooking tips and personal account of the night.

Photo disclaimer: I was hoping to share better quality photos but I was limited to my iPhone + dim lighting for picture-taking. My camera decided to die over this past weekend, and I’m welcoming any camera suggestions at this time! Thanks.



1 Laura { 03.16.12 at 11:26 am }

Tremendous post! Loved it! I felt like joined you guys for dinner chez Emily as well. <3

2 Irish Soda Bread — byMeliC { 03.16.12 at 1:53 pm }

[…] at home.  We’ve never been big on St. Patty’s, but ever since I had Emily’s focaccia earlier this week I was intent on attempting to make some fresh bread […]

3 Yamelis { 03.16.12 at 9:34 pm }

Meliiiii……holaaaa….porque en el blog de emilys no salen las recetas? Quiero esa focaccia yaaaaaaaaa:…………

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