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Headboard Idea

{photo via Because I’m Addicted}

This idea really caught my attention. I’m definitely not ready to remodel my headboard yet – we love how it turned out -but I’d love to give this a try sometime.

October 18, 2011   No Comments

Headboard transformation

After the move, it took a while to sort through all of our stuff and figure out what we were going to keep. I had an especially hard time deciding whether to let go of an old headboard that didn’t go with any of our bedroom furniture. I decided to keep it because of its sentimental value, but it would definitely need a makeover to fit back in.

I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to take on a project, since I had really been craving for a way to get crafty around the house.  I found this great striped fabric on that Fran and I both liked, and then I ordered all of the other necessary materials on Amazon, my favorite one-stop shop.

Onto the step-by-step:

Step 1:  Over a flat surface, align the new fabric, batting material and foam.  Make sure you have enough batting material to fold over the edges.

Step 2:  Staple the batting material to the back of the headboard, making sure to tightly secure the foam in place.

Step 3:  Once the foam and batting material are secured in place, make sure that the fabric is straight (in our case, we used stripes so this part was especially important). Then hold the fabric tightly over the edge and staple away.

The final product:

Tip: If you ever consider trying this at home, please make sure you have someone to help you. In my opinion, this is definitely a project for two. A BIG thank you to my amazing boyfriend for his help and incredible staple-gunning technique!

October 12, 2010   8 Comments

100 Things – Week 1

To make a long story short, I ran into this 100 Simple Things project and quickly decided I needed to do this.  Now, every Friday for the next 10 weeks, I will be posting a list of 10 things that make me happy.

I’m excited to take this on because I believe it’s absolutely necessary to take note of all those little things in life that we sometimes take for granted and be thankful for them. They may be the littlest or most insignificant things, but they are the ones that brighten up my day every time.

#1 – Pretty flower arrangements that light up & freshen an entire room

#2 – A cup of tea with honey

#3 – Extra chocolate chips in my cupcake batter

#4 – My striped headboard, which was my first DIY home project :)

#5 – Sushi delivery

#6 –  Untouched snow (which I remember dearly from my days in the Northeast)

#7 – Pretty mornings as seen from my balcony

#8 – Homemade cappuccino

#9 – Afternoon bike rides

#10 – Paying unexpected visits to the farmer’s market


June 17, 2011   5 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving

This photo of my sister and I was taken in a cable car on our way up to Pico Espejo in Merida, Venezuela, back in November of 1988. I have this photo on my nightstand, but only recently remembered where it had been taken.

This Thanksgiving weekend we are planning a roadtrip in Venezuela. It’s been snowing in the Andes, so maybe we’ll try to make it back to Pico Espejo after all these years.  After all, it’s not everyday you get to see snow in Venezuela.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2010   1 Comment

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