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100 Things – Week 10

See the complete series here.

#91 – Celebrating birthdays. Plus, August is my birthday month.

{Lina’s birthday this week at The Royal}

#92 – Spoiling myself a bit for my birthday (Aug 31).

 {Gift to self: a 13″ Cambridge Satchel in Fluro Yellow with my initials on it. Take a look at all the other amazing color options, it was hard to choose! This photo found here.  }

#93 – Bright and sunny Miami beach days.

#94 – The smell of freshly baked cookies. I recently made these and these.

#95 – Discovering (and immediately switching to) almond milk.

{Read about its health benefits. Photo found here}

#96 – Watching an all time favorite movie for the “nth” time.

{Lost in Translation}

#97 – The Miami Spice menu at Michael’s Genuine. A sweet bonus at an already favorite restaurant.

#98 – My Ray-Ban wayfarers with prescription have been a lifesaver since I lost my seeing glasses and haven’t gotten around to buying new ones.

#99 – Old CD mixes that still feel current.

{I received the Birthday Mix for my 25th birthday and I’m still listening to it 5 yrs later. Thanks, Sai!}

#100 – Songs that instantly lift my mood, such as Gimme Sympathy by Metric.

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100 Things – Week 9

Check out the rest of this series here.  I can’t believe I only have one more week to go!

#81 – Fun & colorful ikat bowls from Anthropologie that are helping me keep organized.

#82 – Stationery. These note cards have such a happy color/pattern combination.

#83 – Using my Kitchenaid for the very first time!

#84 – These chocolate cupcakes, which were the yummy result of the experiment above.

{warm oozy centers are my favorite}

#85 – Pink afternoons as seen from our balcony.

#86 – Thrift store finds like this framed silk for $3.99.

#87 – Girls-night dinners.

{Pati was our host this week}

# 88 – The fact that summer is Cherry season.

#89 – Super tall but comfortable shoes, like these from Steve Madden.

#90 – Discovering a health foods store in my neighborhood that sells amaaaaazing things (including delicious vegetarian/vegan homemade lunches). Imagine a mini-sized Whole Foods.

{Check out The Honey Tree on Yelp}

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100 Things – Week 8

Check out the rest of this series here.

#71 – Inspiring short films that make me want to get up and go/discover/taste new things. I’m talking about the films in Rick Mereki’s new and A-MA-ZING 3 short-film series.

{ Also check out LEARN and EAT}

#72 – Homemade carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting, which my cousin Geraldine made for me, from scratch!

#73 – A gift from Fran’s mom, to feed my appetite for foreign films.

{Un Cuento Chino & Revolucion}

#74 – Using my beautiful Romero Britto ceramic mug, a gift from my dear brother. More for herbal teas than coffee these days :)

#75 – A bottle of spray paint in glossy white… Stay tuned for a few small projects to come.

#76 – The cutest jar of Braswell’s Select Red Raspberry Preserves, from a quick trip to The Fresh Market.

{Note, the fruit is “preserved in [collectible] European drinkware”}

#77 – Old family movies that I’ve now fully uploaded to iMemories.

#78 – The fact that Miami Spice kicked off this week.

{Browse participating restaurants here}

#79 – Our first set of personalized towels, an early wedding present from Fran’s mom.

#80 – Our house guests for a few days: my cousin Geraldine and her husband Rafael.

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100 Things – Week 7

Check out the rest of this series here.

#61 – Polaroids.

#62 – Friendship “wish” bracelets. Because you can never be too old or too superstitious!

#63 – Adding the final touches to our wedding invites with Fran’s help.

#64 – Our incredible first wedding gift, from our very dear friends Carlos & Moni.

#65 – Going to sleep before 10PM.

#66 – Andiamo. The best pizza in Mami…or in the world.

#67 – Paddle-boarding (for the first time).

#68 – Finally securing a (local Uruguayan) photographer to shoot our wedding.

{Francisco Sacco}

#69 – This cute card-holder pouch + 15% coupon that I received  in the mail from Anthropologie.

#70 – Receiving unexpected snail-mail (bills excluded, of course). I thought this cartoon explained it well:

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100 Things – Week 6

Check out the rest of this series here.

#51 – Cadbury Crunchie Bars that I found and bought at the airport in Madrid. My absolute favorite; reminds me of happy times.

#52 – La Vinotinto (the Venezuelan soccer team) making it to the semifinals in the Copa America for the first time ever in history. I love how they are able to unify a very divided country when they play.

{Photo previously seen here}

#53 – Receiving the materials needed to add the final touches to my wedding invitations.

#54 – Re-living past trips through my beloved hardcover photo albums!

#55 – These fun salt & pepper holders from Anthropologie.

#56 – This delicious Pavlova-style dessert that cheered up my night after a looong day.

{Copa Baires}

#57 – Hanging out with a life-long friend.

#58 – My computer skin that is a little reminder to help keep me sane.

#59 – Vintage photos.

{This one via A Cup of Jo}

#60 – What seems to be the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, as described by Emily. This one is next on my to-do list!

{Photo of Irresistible Chocolate Chip Cookies via Cupcakes and Cashmere}

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