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100 Things – Week 5

This week’s list is a combination of things that are still making me happy from last week’s vacation, as well as a few other happy moments from this week. You can check out the rest of this series here.

#41 – This photo of my beautiful mom taken last week on her 53rd birthday!

#42 – Day time naps (like this one, last week in Malaga)

#43 – Kids playing on the beach (as seen last week in Tarifa, Spain)

#44 –  The first dance at a friend’s wedding last week in Madrid

#45 – Color-blocking (this photo was taken last Friday in Madrid)

{Zara blouse & pants, BCBG espradilles, Hakei handbag}

#46 – Jamonerias (Spanish ham shops)

#47 – The moment I tried this (THE best) tortilla de patatas last Saturday at Juana la Loca, thanks to a dear friend’s spot-on recommendation!

#48 – Orange trees that grow freely on the streets of Sevilla, Spain

#49 – The lighthouse at Jose Ignacio that inspired the design for our wedding invitations (coming soon!)

#50 – My Masters diploma, which arrived in the mail this week =)

July 15, 2011   3 Comments

100 Things – Week 4

This week is about 10 Spanish things that have made me happy this week.  You can check out the rest of the series here.

#31 – The view of the coast of Malaga from our friend’s amazing apartment

#32 – The “bull burger” at La Moraga in Malaga, my first time trying oxtail (it was good!)

#33 – Paddle boats with incorporated water slides at a lake outside of Malaga

#34 – Handwritten recommendations from a friend for our stop in Tarifa

#35 – Old school water fountains that are still in use in Ronda

#36 – The view from out hotel room in Tarifa

#37 – Fuente de Gallo beach with its amazing cliffs, at Conil de la Frontera

#38 – Driving through sunflower fields on our way to Sevilla

#39 – Flamenco-inspired vintage postcards in Sevilla

#40 – Ready-to-drink Gazpacho at a local supermarket

July 8, 2011   5 Comments

100 Things – Week 3

You can check out the rest of this series here.

#21 -Pretty hats worn on special occasions

#22 – Bite-sized brownies (these were particularly delicious)

#23 – Organized lists

{I loved this packing list idea by Emily. I’ll do this for my next vacation}

#24 – Oversized sunglasses

#25 – Old school cartoons

{Voltron may become a movie soon and I’m beyond excited}

#26 – Scented candles (I’m obsessed)

#27 – Refreshing cucumber drinks on hot summer afternoons

#28 – My catch-all colorful ring holder, gifted to me by a dear friend

#29 – Planning vacations (in this case, our roadtrip through the South of Spain)

#30 – These Bon Bon Bum Lollipops, with gum in the center, bring back happy memories of my childhood

July 1, 2011   1 Comment

100 Things – Week 2

You can check out the rest of this series here.

#11 – Naps on rainy afternoons

#12 – Noticing a rainbow

#13 – Catching up with very dear friends who I don’t get to see very often

#14 – Having time to catch up with some of my favorite magazines

#15 – Looking at this very inaccurate cartoon of my brother, sister and I, which we had done earlier this year in Florence. It always makes me chuckle!

#16 – Special dinners at Michy’s – my favorite restaurant in Miami

#17 – When my mom sends or brings me tequeños from back home

#18 – The amazing view that I’m so lucky to have everyday from the office

#19 – Freshly manicured nails

#20 – Our new personalized stationery (by Eva Petersen Design)

June 24, 2011   2 Comments

100 Things – Week 1

To make a long story short, I ran into this 100 Simple Things project and quickly decided I needed to do this.  Now, every Friday for the next 10 weeks, I will be posting a list of 10 things that make me happy.

I’m excited to take this on because I believe it’s absolutely necessary to take note of all those little things in life that we sometimes take for granted and be thankful for them. They may be the littlest or most insignificant things, but they are the ones that brighten up my day every time.

#1 – Pretty flower arrangements that light up & freshen an entire room

#2 – A cup of tea with honey

#3 – Extra chocolate chips in my cupcake batter

#4 – My striped headboard, which was my first DIY home project :)

#5 – Sushi delivery

#6 –  Untouched snow (which I remember dearly from my days in the Northeast)

#7 – Pretty mornings as seen from my balcony

#8 – Homemade cappuccino

#9 – Afternoon bike rides

#10 – Paying unexpected visits to the farmer’s market


June 17, 2011   5 Comments

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