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Musical Mondays

I’ve been meaning to share a few Neon Trees songs on here for a while…and so, without further ado, these are my favorite two.

Wishing everyone a great week!

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Musical Mondays

I’ve already shared a link to Metric’s newest single, but I needed to say that the entire album is fantastic. I’ve been listening to it this past week and it’s amazing from beginning to end. I never felt the urge to skip a song.

Below are a few of my favorites…

…and a happy Musical Monday to all! x

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Musical Mondays

Check out the video below for Metric’s new single “Youth Without Youth,” from their new album Synthetica.

I’m looking forward to hearing it live at Lolla!

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June 25, 2012   1 Comment

Musical Mondays

Here are some of my favorite moments from the Roger Waters concert this past Friday. The Wall Tour is by far one of the best shows I’ve ever been to…

See my concert photos here.

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Musical Mondays

So, Roger Waters is coming to Miami this Friday as part of his The Wall Tour…and we have tickets!

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