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Our Honeymoon: Singapore

{Singapore Changi Airport – Terminal 1}

Even though 3 months have passed since our honeymoon, I still wanted to share some photos of the trip. I can’t believe we’re already in April!!

We started off with a very long flight from Miami to Singapore. We were in Singapore for the day (before leaving on a cruise) and then returned for one more day on our way back to Miami.

{Marina Bay Sands}

Upon arrival, our first stop was the Marina Bay Sands, where we met up with friends who had been living in Singapore for a while, and who so kindly offered to show us around.

Here we are atop the Marina Bay. Behind us is the surreal infinity pool with the Singapore skyline as a backdrop.  The view is really amazing.

This Louis Vuitton store at the Marina Bay is the largest and most unique I’ve seen. It’s like a museum.

After touring the hotel, we went to see the Merlion, and tried some delicious fruity popsicles at the Merlion Park. We had the grapefruit-passion fruit and the coconut-rambutan.

We also got to see the cool Singapore Elephant Parade around the city.

We walked around Little India and its shops, and then it was lunchtime.

We had lunch at the Rasapura Masters and all the dishes we tried were delicious. My favorite was the very traditional “chicken rice”.

While in Singapore, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out the fish spa.  This was quite the experience! It really tickled and for the first 5 minutes I couldn’t control my laughter. It was really hard to stay still.

We returned to Singapore the last day of our trip and we set out to explore Orchard Road, famous for its shops. We had an amazing early dinner at NUOC, a Thai restaurant atop the Orchard Central. The spring rolls were to die for, and we tried Australian beef for the first time!

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Jose Ignacio

To continue with our wedding week recap (see more here), I would like to show you some of my photos of  Jose Ignacio. A charming beach town, a beautiful lighthouse (that inspired our wedding invitations), and a seafood restaurant so good that you cannot miss it if you are ever in the area. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this place.

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Garzón: Part II

About a ten minute drive from the town square, you will find yourself hillside. Some of the most breathtaking views, a mere 30 minutes away from the Atlantic ocean.

On a tip of a hill, Francis has built what I call the sunset deck. A place to gather around with a few bottles of wine and a fire, to watch the day come to an end.

A few hundred feet from the deck, tucked inside the Uruguayan hills,  a house. A charming hidden getaway built on a rock, with panoramic views of the valley. Inside, the decoration and style could only belong to Francis.

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It all happened so quickly that I completely forgot to tell you about the tiny magical town of Garzón. Population 200.

On Thanksgiving last year, two days before our wedding, we hosted a luncheon for our guests there, at Fran’s father’s very special restaurant.

There’s an indescribable charm about this town and the special retreat that Francis has created. I think the best way that I can describe it is through my pictures.

{an onlooker, at the side of the road}

{town square}

{one of a few streets} 

{Garzón Restaurant/Hotel}

The day couldn’t have turned out better. We are extremely lucky to have been able to share with so many friends and family at such an unforgettable place. I leave you with one of my favorite photos from that day. Just look at all of those mischievous faces!

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Our Wedding

I’ve been thinking of a special way to share a bit of our wedding with you, and I think the best way is to show you a short video.

The professional photos and video will not be ready until February, but luckily we have this little sneak peak that I extracted from a video made by our friend Allie.

A huge thank you to all of our wonderful family and friends who made the day so special for us. Thank you as well for all of your beautiful photos and video of our day – we will cherish the memories forever! xo

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